Miranda Glasbergen

From my childhood on I have the desire to be of significance to people who have less than we have in the Netherlands. My interest is becoming more aroused for Church work; I want to answer Gods call to go and tell others about Him.

From halfway 2018 on Miranda Glasbergen (22 years) hopes to support the ECM team in Albania for a period of two years. She will begin in two different Christian churches in the capital Tirana. The questions from these churches are mainly in the area of kids-, teens- and youth work and in making contacts. One of the churches in which she will be involved consists for a large part of younger people just like Miranda. For a great part the churches are self-steering and are being supported by several missionaries.

In 1967 Albania has been declared an atheistic country where no religions were allowed to exist. From 1990 on it is again allowed to believe, but much (Bible)knowledge has been lost. Albania is re-building its churches at this moment. Another development within the country is that it is really modernising and that’s why existing  standards and values change.

Out of her SPH-background Miranda wants to reach vulnerable people in the Albanian society. During her six months language study on the spot, she will –together with the ECM team- orientate on the opportunities to use her passion and talents. Planning suits more to Dutch culture than to the Albanian and that is why her plans only will become concrete when she is in Albania. Her tasks are not yet concrete, but this also gives her the opportunity to find her place in the country and seek where she can contribute.


Short term missionary
Country of origin
The Netherlands

With ECM since 2017