Klaus & Fränzi Libuda

We are touched by the many people of East-Germany who don't know the Bible at all. 80% of the people are none-confessional. They long for deep and warm fellowship within an interesting, inspiring community, where they can find answers for their life. As we share help and trust in the community of Rostock, we can see that people respond to that. Our deepest wish is to build a life changing community with a transformational character for the city of Rostock.

Klaus and Fränzi are churchplanters who worked first in Russia for about 13 years. Since 2009 they were ordained to help about 10 people to become a FeG church in Rostock. Meanwhile their churchplant is almost finished. They are still a small group of about 30-40 people but they have a functional church with elders and a good working structure. Since 2016 Klaus became an elder to help to teach and grow in love and testimony.

Klaus is also helping to set up a field for new missionaries, so that new church plant activities can be started in many other East-Germany cities. Right now we have about 11 other missionaries in different regions.

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Personal websites: www.Libuda-team.de  

Other websites: rostock.feg.de  - www.woranichglaube.de 

Sending church: Feg Henggart - Henggart - Switzerland - www.feg-henggart.ch

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