ECM's work is not only being done by its workers. The support of the people standing behind them is vital too. We need your prayers for the work of ECM and ECM's workers. has a simple vision:

we want to see God glorified in Europe. We know that this is what God wants because he says in Malachi 1.11, 'My name will be great among the nations.'


We believe this starts with prayer; and we’ve set up to make it easy for you to help change Europe into a continent full of people who know Jesus. We’ll regularly update three areas for prayer based around a location, a topic and a person. You’ll be able to read and pray for each request in just a few minutes.

We encourage you to set an alarm for 1.11 pm and pray during your lunch as part of your normal daily routine. But the time isn’t special: feel free to pray anytime. What’s important is praying. Please join us as we pray together for a changed Europe.

One eleven is an initiative of European Christian Mission.