God is never taken by surprise

marius-serban-iFtuhgn7fYs-unsplash.jpgTuesday 09 March 2021 11:29

Ali and Rich Maegraith work for ECM in Berlin where they are involved in a church plant. They tell about how God is not limited by a pandemic from working in people's lives.

Despite our many limitations at the moment in Berlin with hard lockdown, God is doing wonderful things.

With four boys homeschooling and two dogs, every day is intensely busy.

Please pray that we wouold rejoice and be thankful for this time that the Lord has given us to trust Him.

God is indeed at work. One of our good friends has been coming regularly to church after coming out of an abusive relationship. Please pray for her and her husband.

Please also pray for Anna, an new convert to keep growing her faith.

One of our good friends has had to go into rehab. His mental health has become unstuck in this fragile time, like many others.

Paul is a young German sax player Rich is hanging out with. He seems open to the things of God. Please pray for God to open his heart.

Our plans to do intensive language refreshers have been almost completely derailed! We are reminded very often of Colin Buchanan's song 'God Never Says Oops'.

We are beginning an online ECM leadership course for a number of weeks. Pray that we are able to benefit from this course without it disturbing the boys' homeschooling needs.

If you are interested in knowing more about ECM's involvement in Germany, please follow this link.

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