Good Samaritan Monitors

Proyectos misioneros y sociales
Pozoblanco, Spain
Ministry Type:
HealthcareMercy Ministries

"Help us to continue helping others"

The Good Samaritan is a rehabilitation centre serving in Spain since 1993, with the purpose of demonstrating Jesus Christ´s love to those affected by various addictions. Our goals are to prevent drug use/abuse, to provide assistance to those affected by drug abuse, to teach prevention to families and the community and finally, to help people in the process of recovery from drug/substance abuse to facilitate their re-integration into society.

The pandemic has affected us in a drop in the income we usually receive on a regular basis. In addition to all this, some of our technical staff have been absent (home assignment, illness and exhaustion). As a result, the situation has become complex and difficult to cope with without additional support, which has led us to look for new staff.

The aim of this project is to raise €15,000 for the recruitment of one full-time staff and one part-time monitor. Can you help us to continue helping others?

Read here the story of Carlos, whose life was changed by Jesus during his stay at the Good Samaritan centre.
Or watch the video below!

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