Wouter Grootendorst

I dream of an iPad-generation!

Wouter Grootendorst prepares to start -from the summer of 2018 on- as a missionary youth worker in Prestonplans in the country of Scotland. The work will happen from a local church. The youth work in this church has started in 2013 as a masterproject of Wouter. The years after he has visited the project several times and he stayed in contact. In May 2016 Wouter has been asked to come and work with the project for youngsters from inside and outside the church.

Wouter dream is to see a so called iPad-generation flourishing. Generation iPad looks like:

I = Identity; young people know who they are in the eyes of God
P = Purpose: young people know why and for what they are living
A = Ability: young people know what they are able to
D= Decision making: young people are able to make good choices

Wouters desire is to offer young people a community where they can be part of. Thus, they can be in the community and be pupil of Jesus. This will create perspective for a hopeful future that God has with these young people. In addition, he will invest from the start in a team with which the community is set up. 


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