ECM France

Address    : 5 place Gustave de Tricaud, 01500 Ambérieu en Bugey
Telephone : +33 (0) 9 51 91 99 55
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The ECM office in France is working with a dedicated team of office staff, board members and volunteers to the recruitment, deployment and support of missionaries. In addition, the office mobilizes Christians in France to help build a different Europe, through prayer and financial support.

Office staff
The office is made up of persons who are responsible for the daily running of MCE, the recruitment and the supervising of candidate missionaries. Also we take care of the administration of funds, information, communication and facility support.

MCE is directed by a board that is responsible for the good running and administration of the finances.

Volunteers and Ambassadors
In addition to regular office employees we need volunteers for different tasks, in particular for translation. Also of great importance is the work of the ambassadors of MCE, to help us to make known the work of MCE in Europe.