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  • What’s The Story? in Ireland.


    What’s the story? is an Irish nationwide evangelistic initiative which seeks to unite and equip the church in Ireland to share God’s story and answer Ireland’s big questions. 
    Our project seeks to raise money towards the printing of Irish written resources to equip churches to answer these questions.

    We are aiming for at least €3000.  Could you be part of this story? 

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  • Mahabba Belgium


    Mahabba brings together Christians from different church backgrounds to pray in unity for their Muslim friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and facilitate prayer. The startup cost for this project is: €880,00.

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  • Decisión evangelism team to Pedroches Valley, Spain


    Decisión (the Billy Graham Foundation in Spain) is keen to send an evangelistic team to Villanueva de Cordoba to help in the church planting process in this town where we are already holding a regular bible study. We will be running various activities such as English lessons, therapy for people with addictions and meetings for couples to develop healthy marriages. We also plan to do some radio programmes.

    We are looking to raise €2,000 towards this project. Would you like to support us?

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  • Hosting the Gospel in Dugo Selo

    Dugo Selo.jpg

    The Baptist church of Dugo Selo is the first evangelical church in the city that has 25,000 inhabitants. It was planted in 2014. Even though it is a small church, this church has a great influence in the community, doing various evangelistic activities during the year and the city is soon accepting us.

    We need your help to pay the rent for the next three years. In the first year we need €200, the second year €130 a month and then €70 a month for the third year.

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  • Lausanne initiative

    Lausanne Croatia Conference.png

    This project has brought all the evangelical communities in Croatia together to create a large joint plan of inter-denominational evangelism across Croatia over the next 5 years, and to share experiences and successful strategies that can be multiplied.

    The project cost are: €4900,-

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  • Accelerating Church Planting Globally


    By giving to Accelerating Church Planting you can help ECM develop National Church Planting Platforms and accelerate the multiplication of new churches. The long-term impact will be a substantial increase in the number of disciples and Churches all across Europe.

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  • Coaching4Christ


    Coaching for Christ provides us with professional football coaches who use their training to reach young people with the gospel.  In the summer of 2021, 3 local towns will have a week´s football training with children and young people where we share Christian Values as applied to football as well as direct gospel messages.

    We are looking for €2,000 to be able to hold this project in 2021. Are you able to help us raise this?

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  • Patchwork Centre (Germany)

    The Hall

    Decades of unemployment and poverty have created many social problems and left people without hope. ECM has a team of four families from four different countries, serving the people of the 'Dreesch', a deprived area in the city of Schwerin.

    The project cost are: €1000,- /month. As ECM we hope to rase €200,-/month

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