You can support the work in Europe financially - little seeds can grow big trees!

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  • Hosting the Gospel in Dugo Selo


    We need your help to pay the rent for the next three years. In the first year we need €200, the second year €130 a month and then €70 a month for the third year.

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  • Summercamp - Bodesti week-away to Rotbav

    Rotbav camps.jpg

    With God’s help, we would love to take a group of 25 children and young people from the church plant in Bodesti for a week away at the end of July.  Cost €1.500,-

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  • Mahabba Belgium


    Mahabba brings together Christians from different church backgrounds to pray in unity for their Muslim friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and facilitate prayer. The startup cost for this project is: €880,00.

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  • Ptolemaida Church Plant Central Greece


    This small congregation is so encouraged about taking this next step, however they need help to realise their dream. They need help to pay a portion of the start up expenses (€1750). They need help to pay 50% of the rent in the first year (€400 month), and then with decreasing amounts for five years.

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  • Mercy Centre in Piraeus, Greece


    In order to accomplish our mission we need regular support to pay the rent of the Mercy Centre (€3,500 a year), and some funds to help setup and equip the centre (€1,500). 

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  • Accelerating Church Planting Globally


    By giving to Accelerating Church Planting you can help ECM develop National Church Planting Platforms and accelerate the multiplication of new churches. The long-term impact will be a substantial increase in the number of disciples and Churches all across Europe.

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