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  • Water for life - The Good Samaritan Drug Centre

    Buen Sam - Water tanks_01.JPG

    The Centre hope to attain 2 more new water tanks each providing an extra 22,000 litres of water storage. The cost of the tanks with the installation is 3,550 euros. Would you consider helping to support the Good Samaritan Drug rehabilitation centre by donating towards the last two tanks?

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  • Solar Panels - The Good Samaritan Drug Centre

    Solar pannel.JPG

    We would like to buy and install 4 new solar panels at a cost of 3,300 euros. We will be receiving a grant of 1,000 euros from the local council but need to raise the extra 2,300 as soon as possible so that work can start. Would you consider partnering with us in this vital project by donating to our new solar panels to bring more life giving water to those living in the centre?

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  • Hosting the Gospel in Dugo Selo


    We need your help to pay the rent for the next three years. In the first year we need €200, the second year €130 a month and then €70 a month for the third year.

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  • Mahabba Belgium


    Mahabba brings together Christians from different church backgrounds to pray in unity for their Muslim friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and facilitate prayer. The startup cost for this project is: €880,00.

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  • Ptolemaida Church Plant Central Greece


    This small congregation is so encouraged about taking this next step, however they need help to realise their dream. They need help to pay a portion of the start up expenses (€1750). They need help to pay 50% of the rent in the first year (€400 month), and then with decreasing amounts for five years.

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  • Mercy Centre in Piraeus, Greece


    In order to accomplish our mission we need regular support to pay the rent of the Mercy Centre (€3,500 a year), and some funds to help setup and equip the centre (€1,500). 

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  • Accelerating Church Planting Globally


    By giving to Accelerating Church Planting you can help ECM develop National Church Planting Platforms and accelerate the multiplication of new churches. The long-term impact will be a substantial increase in the number of disciples and Churches all across Europe.

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