Album ‘Whom have I in Heaven but you?’

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Arts and Music

Bringing the gospel to the arts scene in Berlin

‘Whom have I in heaven but you?’ is an album project conceived by Ali and Rich who are pastors and musicians seeking to bring the gospel to people in the city of Berlin. The songs are mostly modern, jazz inspired interpretations of the Psalms, sung in both English and German.

Their presence in the music scene provides them with a platform to bring God-focussed, Jesus glorifying music of excellence to both believers and non-believers alike. 

Their desire is that the beauty and power of God’s word be heard by many and that some may hear the gospel and come to faith. 

Ali and Rich are pastors of 'Kiez Church Wedding' in Berlin, a bilingual church community. They have already been encouraged by members of the church to pursue this project as a worthwhile venture, using God's gifts for the purposes of God’s kingdom.

Funds that are raised will go towards local performances, recordings and God willing a tour in the future.

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