M4 Spain / M4 Ready

Church planting
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Church DevelopmentMissional CommunitiesOutreach and EvangelismPioneer Church PlantingTheological and Ministry Training
Since 2014, some missionaries from ECM, with other ministry partners in Spain, have developed M4 in the Spanish context. M4 Spain is a tool and process to support church planters and their teams in the development of a church plant and consequently the development of an integral and focused discipleship in the Mission of extending the Kingdom of God in Spain. 
On the M4 website you will find the description of the different stages of this planting and discipleship process. With the vision of "initiating a movement of planting new churches throughout Europe", our dream is "to see a church planted every day in Europe". We engage with the planter and his team to accompany them throughout the planting process. 
Currently we have developed several training courses in different parts of Spain. And we continue to form, train and accompany all those who wish to see Spain transformed for the Glory of God. 
We want to be part of those who want to help you "in making your dream a reality with the help of God". Visit our European website, in different languages, and the Spanish one in the following links: 
We have also developed an area for the youth,  for an early development of new generations that join the challenge of planting new churches, we call it M4 Ready. We believe it is one of the best online plans, of 9 months, created for the development and integral discipleship of young people who love God and are passionate about His mission.