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Church planting
Subbética Cordobesa
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Church DevelopmentPioneer Church Planting

The Subbetica Cordobesa is a region south of Córdoba, Spain, in which we find several towns of which Cabra and Lucena are the two main ones. Located in the geographic center of the Community of Andalusia, together they have a population of 63,000 inhabitants. According to approximate data, there are around 300 evangelical Christians in the congregations in the two towns. That is equivalent to about 0.5% of believers in the two towns, and in the other towns of Subbética the number is even lower, being that some of those towns do not have any church planted, which represents the great need for greater evangelical representation in this region and therefore the urgency of the missionary work in the midst of this population.

Our Congregation is located in Cabra and we have cell groups in houses in Cabra and Lucena and the vision is that we plant more cell groups in these towns and that we open groups in the other surrounding towns. We believe that from Cabra we can plant groups of cells in houses in all the towns of Subbética and that these groups can grow and multiply until they become churches and thus reach this region. Our Congregation is affiliated with FIEIDE (Federation of Independent Churches of Spain) and recognized by FEREDE (Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain).We still do not have our own premises in Cabra and this is a challenge that we also want to achieve in the next 5 years.