Missionary and social projects
Ministry Type:
Mercy Ministries

ECM Netherlands became involved in the work of Spanish evangelists and pastors in 1953. These workers had never, or only in part, been able to save towards a pension for their old age. And as they grew older, it became apparent that they were destined to live the last phase of their lives in poverty.

To prevent this from happening, ECM Netherlands founded the foundation called 65plusfonds in 1997. The foundation provides a supplement to the very limited pension of the missionaries who have not themselves been able to save towards a pension. Initially it was only focused on former Spanish missionaries, but today also missionaries outside Spain are supported.

During Franco's regime, Protestant pastors had no rights whatsoever, not even to pay pension and insurance premiums. After 1975, King Juan Carlos supported the freedom of religion. Protestant ministers were however still not recognised and were consequently excluded from state pension schemes. This was challenged by the European Court and things were set right. The Spanish law, however, introduced a hurdle of fifteen years premium payment before a pastor or an evangelist would be entitled to a state pension.

Learn more at www.65plusfonds.org.